The Connection Agency

We Help Purpose Driven Businesses Build Relationships With Their Audience to Increase Sales.

We know that relationships drive sales, and we're passionate about helping purpose-driven businesses create meaningful connections with their audience.through their sales and marketing strategies.


Meet Your Connection Marketing Experts

Since 2005, Ryann Dowdy has sat in front of hundreds of business owners to develop marketing plans and taught thousands of sales reps, business owners, and entrepreneurs how to sell by focusing on the power of relationships! She's grown multiple 7-figure businesses of her own - and now she's helping others do the same.

Jessica Kroll has a 10 year background in creative marketing. She's helped several business grow to 6 and 7 figures by focusing on a connection first approach. Her superpowers include a knack for creativity and the ability to tap into the logical, emotional, and psychological reasons people will want to connect with you and your brand.

If SOPs have your head spinning, we've got you covered! Valerie Zumwalt is an expert in systems and processes. With several years of experience in the field, she has seen it all. From creating easy to navigate databases to streamlining operations, Valerie knows what it takes to get a business running at peak efficiency. Her expertise in workflow optimization and business process improvement has helped busy business owners save hours of time and frustration.

Dora Henke is a relationship management expert! She knows exactly how to find and connect with people online who fit ideal client profiles - and she navigates the process for multiple types of businesses. Her background in our pipeline and lead organization software, ConnectChat, is vital for the success of our clients.

The 4Cs of Connection Marketing



Connection points allow for you to showcase your heart, your values, and your mission openly and in detail. How do you develop these connection points with your audience? It starts with knowing who you get the best results for.



Now that you’re connecting with your audience, it’s time to create a relationship. In the “create” phase of relationship marketing, we dig into understanding why people buy your products or services.



This is the marriage phase - where we cross over the bridge from marketing to sales. While connecting with new people and growing your audience is important - the point of relationship marketing is to actually convert people into PAYING customers for your business.



Your client relationship doesn’t end after you’ve made a sale, in fact - that’s really where the relationship begins. Most marketing agencies focus on front end sales - we focus on retention as well!

Connection Marketing Converts

Connection marketing is a lot like dating - it's all about getting to know the person on the other end. It focuses on building a relationship, appealing to emotion, and truly understanding your ideal clients. When people feel heard and understood - they convert.

Transactional Marketing Focuses on Short Term Goals - We Focus on LONG Term Success!

Transactional marketing focuses on the use of appealing offers to make quick (and often one time) sales. Connection marketing focuses on building relationships with strangers on the internet and turning them into long-term clients!

We're bringing Purpose and Passion to Marketing - so we can create an impact!


We're going beyond traditional marketing strategies. We aren't just marketing, we're marketing with purpose. We focus on delivering the right message to the right audience. We know that people buy based on emotion and justify with logic - which is why our marketing strategies are designed to connect with your ideal clients on an emotional level.


We're not just passionate about our own brand - we're passionate about yours. Because we know that lack of passion will cause people to lose interest - fast! We make sure that your message is communicated with clearly - with the energy that will attract your very best clients.


Our goal is to make an impact by helping you to make an impact. We understand that marketing isn't just about getting your message out there - it's about making a lasting impression on your clients and inspiring them to take action.

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