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The Most Important Content You Need to Be Creating for Your Service Based Business Social Media Strategy

August 17, 20236 min read

There are 4Cs that we use in every marketing strategy - Connect, Create, Convert, and Communicate. Content Marketing is amazing because it is an opportunity for you to implement three of the four Cs of Connection Marketing.

It allows you to create connection, it allows you to connect, it allows you to create relationships, and it allows you to actually convert.

Sometimes, that can feel overwhelming. Let's dive into the most important types of content you need to create for your social media content strategy - so you can do it with less overwhelm and more confidence.

Authority Building Content

First and foremost is authority content. This was how to we were taught to create content for many years. People love how-to content, but it's gotten a little old. There's a lot of how-to content on the internet.

Today, there's a shift. Instead of talking how-to content - it's authority building content. This is simply content that explains how you position yourself as an expert in what you do.

This content allows someone who finds you on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, or other platform to that you know what you are talking about.

To create great authority building content, you need to decide what you want to be known for and what you want you want people to see you as an expert in. This content is will not change as your business grows. So, even if you're just getting started and you're signing your first couple of clients, you can start creating authority in the areas you want to be the expert in NOW.

Authority building content serves as the cornerstone of establishing trust and fostering a sense of credibility. When individuals encounter content that showcases a deep understanding of their needs and challenges, they begin to perceive the author as a reliable source of expertise. The resonance of authority building content lies in its ability to connect on a personal level, enabling audiences to feel heard, seen, and understood. This connection reinforces the notion that the creator comprehends their concerns and can guide them towards meaningful solutions.

By consistently delivering valuable insights and demonstrating a genuine understanding, this content cultivates a pattern of reliability and certainty. In the realm of sales, where confidence plays a pivotal role, the assurance that comes from authoritative content encourages individuals to place their trust in the expert's guidance. Although crafting such content can be a challenge, especially for visionary minds susceptible to creative restlessness, the unwavering commitment to building authority remains essential. This dedication ensures that the expertise communicated is consistently upheld and that the audience's trust continues to deepen over time, leading to meaningful connections and fruitful relationships.

Connection Content

The second type of content is connection content. Why should people connect with you and why should they trust you?

The point of this content is to show who we are as people. We can build connection by creating content around the things that we value and the things that are most important to us. This is what people today - especially gen Z - are basing their buying decisions on, which is why it's so important.

People want make sure that there is alignment between their values and the values of the person or business they are working with. So we want to make sure that we are showing who we are as human beings.

Belief Shifting Content

The third type of content is belief shifting content. Your ideal client has some level of belief, some story about what you do. They might love it, they might hate it. They might think it's not for them. Whatever stories they're telling themselves, it's our job to give them a new story.

We, as marketers and business owners, hold the transformative power to change the stories people are telling themselves and help them break through their limiting beliefs.

In belief shifting content, we acknowledging the limiting beliefs that are holding our ideal clients back - and we create content that shows them that you understand where they are, because you were there too.

Belief shifting is where the magic happens, because remember, there's a lot of how-to content in the world. There's a lot of people telling us HOW to do things, but none of it matters if we are limited by the stories we are telling ourselves.

It is our job to shift those beliefs so that when we make an offer, when we connect with somebody new, they are ready to take the action that is going to be the thing that finally transforms their lives.

Conversion Content

The fourth type of content is conversion content. This is where we actually make an offer and create a call-to-action inside of our content. We can include a link in the content, send them to the link in our bio, invite them to comment, message you - it doens't matter, just make sure it's a direct ask.

This type of content is really important because if you don't ask for the sale, your audience cannot say yes. Conversion content is how you cross the bridge from marketing into sales within your social media strategy.

And - when done correctly, conversion content can have a huge impact on sales!


Right now, storytelling is hot. Storytelling is the thing. Tell me what you're going to tell me in a story - and I'll be way more likely to pay attention to it.

This doesn't have to be personal story. They can be business stories, client success stories, or metaphorical stories. Anytime that you can weave in a story, your content is going to be stickier. People are going to engage with it more - and remember it.

Storytelling helps to create an emotional connection with your audience, and that is what we want. We want our audiences to remember us because of the stories we told them - and the way those stories made them feel.

Balancing Short and Long Form Content

We see the most success when our clients use a good mix of both long and short form content. That short form content is getting a lot of engagement. It's getting a lot of interaction, it's getting a lot of shares, and that's important. That tells the algorithm that your content is worth sharing to more people. This content is not designed to convert - it's designed to create engagement.

Our long form content is also importnat for that person who's really genuinely deciding if they want to pay to work with you. This content is designed to convert. This content fits within the 4 buckets mentioned earlier to help build authority, create connection, and convert your audience in clients.


Crafting an impactful social media strategy for your service-based business hinges upon embracing the pivotal role of various content types. The Connection Agency's approach to content marketing encapsulates the essence of the four Cs: Connection, Creation, Relationships, and Conversion.

This approach underscores the potency of content to forge genuine connections, foster relationships, and drive meaningful conversions. At its core, authority building content reigns supreme, cementing your expertise and engendering trust in your audience. As your cornerstone, it steadily builds a bridge of credibility, resonating with individuals seeking a dependable source of guidance.

Equally important is the power of connection content, which unveils the human side of your brand, allowing audiences to align their values with yours. Through belief shifting content, you embark on a journey to reframe narratives, dismantling limiting beliefs and paving the way for transformation.

The realm of conversion content directly invites action, forming the crucial link between marketing and sales. And as storytelling takes center stage, it weaves emotional threads that foster lasting connections.

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