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Audience Building + Lead Generation - Two Sides, One Coin

January 26, 20243 min read

Audience Building and Lead Generation are two sides of the same coin that contribute to a successful business. Both are essential components of marketing strategy and play crucial roles in a company's growth and success.

Lead Generation Vs Audience Growth: How They Differ and How They Work Together

Audience Growth is all about expanding the size of your followers. But bear in.mind, there are people with MASSIVE audiences making NO money. And people with small audiences making MILLIONS.

Leads are the qualified individuals who have not just shown up but are genuinely interested in what you're offering. They're the ones waving their hands saying, "Hey, I'm interested, tell me more!"

While your audience size does not determine your success... it's important to realize that the larger your audience size is, the more leads there are within that audience. So, it's essential to focus on growing both as you grow your business.

Audience Size Does Not Dictate Your Success

The size of your audience does not determine your success. While it's true that having a larger audience can potentially bring in more leads, it's not the only factor that contributes to success. When you have a powerful message, when you're speaking to the exact right person and when you're solving a problem that they urgently need help with, even a small audience can lead to significant success.

A following of 300 of the RIGHT people is far more valuable than a following of 300k of the wrong ones.

Outreach as a Key Strategy for Audience Growth

Proactive outreach emerges as a pivotal strategy in building a thriving audience. It's not enough to wait for people to come and find you. You need to go out and find them. About 70% of our audience is made up of people that we invited into your world. Only about 30% of our audience found us on their own.

Find your people. Know what they look like online. Engage with their content. And invite them into your world. This active outreach will help you grow a highly engaged audience who is genuinely interested in what you have to offer - and it's a great way to start the conversation and start building the relationship.

Combining Organic Outreach with Content Creation

Our strategy is Content + Conversation. Again, people do business with people they know, like, and trust. And people get to know you through conversation. Your content should focus on building authority, creating credibility, and shifting your ideal clients limiting beliefs into limitless ones. (There's an entire blog post on that here)

But conversations - that's where the magic happens. By combining organic outreach with content creation, you build deeper connections with potential clients. This balance between creating valuable content and actively engaging with your audience is what drives successful audience growth and lead generation.

Developing Foundational Systems and Processes to Achieve Sustainable Growth

As your audience and leads grow, it's crucial to have systems and processes in place to manage and nurture these relationships effectively. This includes having a solid lead generation, audience growth, and conversion strategy. Remember, "posting to social media" is not a strategy - it's a tactic. Your strategy should include a combination of tactics, such as email marketing, social media, collaborations, and more. It's also essential to have systems in place for tracking and analyzing your data to make informed decisions about your audience building and lead generation efforts.


In conclusion, Audience Building and Lead Generation are vital elements that fuel the engine of online entrepreneurship. While they function independently, their symbiotic relationship ensures a sustainable and prosperous business trajectory. A successful entrepreneur realizes the importance of an engaged audience and the role it plays in generating qualified leads. Coupling this understanding with a proactive outreach strategy, valuable content creation, and robust systems and data analysis tools paves the way for business growth. It's not just about the size of your audience, but the quality of your connection with them.

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